Welcome to Clusterpoint

Clusterpoint Server is a database software for high-speed storage and large-scale processing of XML and JSON data on clusters of commodity hardware. It works as a schema free document-oriented DBMS platform with an open source API.

Clusterpoint solves the problem of latency in Big data. End-users can instantly search billions of documents and do fast analytics in structured and unstructured data.

Predictable Search Latency

Clusterpoint's unique indexing technology enables to service distributed demand of web and mobile applications at predictable sub-second querying latencies. Clusterpoint performs full database content indexation for fast search by ranking rules set up by the data owner.

Ranking index is a disruptive method for database search. It eliminates excessive computing costs. It sorts only relevant data for a query, not all of the Big data. It enables to scale out database volume without critical search performance degradation.

Real-time Big Data analytics

Along OLTP and CRUD functionality, our customers can implement instant full text search, online analytics for real-time business intelligence and blazing fast data visualization feeds. Superior search relevance further improves our customer satisfaction.

Transparent Map Reduce for all queries

Document-oriented database format delivers masterless distributed cluster architecture where replication, high-availability and fault tolerance are standard Clusterpoint features. Software automatically performs cluster-wide MapReduce for all database operations.

Text content a first class citizen

Clusterpoint makes text content in databases a first class citizen - making it simple to blend exploratory full-text search and surgical structured data query. It outperforms SQL by a factor of 1000. Discover the best of both "worlds" within a single super-fast Clusterpoint database query!

How does it work

Clusterpoint works as ALL-IN-ONE enterprise NoSQL database, search and clustering platform that takes advantage of distributed cluster computing. It cohesively combines into one software and into one Clusterpoint API the following key features:

  • schema free XML database server, supporting also JSON
  • advanced enterprise search engine software
  • masterless clustering technology with linear scale out ability
  • integrated replication and fault tolerance
  • load balancing for failover and for distributed demand
  • cluster-wide API without the complexity of Map Reduce programming
  • unique database ranking facility for relevant Big Data search
  • full indexation covering also unstructured data and metadata
  • combined Full-Text and SQL-like search through a single API query

Clusterpoint’s unique hybrid indexation technology indexes all data types to provide ultra fast answers to the complex questions you always wanted to ask. Clusterpoint also brings simplicity, cost-efficiency and ease of use:

  • Wide software language support eases adoption into the enterprise
  • Schema free XML model handles loosely typed variable data with ease
  • Delivers multi-tenancy of many databases on the same infrastructure
  • Cluster architecture scales out elastically on-premise or in the cloud
  • Use of commodity hardware maximizes performance & minimizes TCO
  • Web GUI provides cluster-wide centralized management of operations

Blazing speed, elastic scalability and a predictable licensing model make it the database platform of choice for next-gen mobile and Big Data applications. See our Solutions.

Customer Comments

The response times from Clusterpoint are game changing; I don't ever envisage myself using relational database again
Andrew Page, CTO
Elastic Technology Solutions Ltd

Clusterpoint works like a charm delivering Google-like search experience to our customers
Juris Rozkalns, CEO

With Clusterpoint we are building stunning data visualizations, outperforming SQL analytics hundreds of times


Structured & unstructured data in a single database, search and clustering platform with one API



Answers at speed of thought from 10s of TBs of structured and unstructured data assets



All data types in a single database with rich API support for your favourite languages & interfaces



Elastic scalability on-premise or in the cloud handles thousands of users at big data volumes