Clusterpoint presents a new database-as-a-service (DBAAS)

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Clusterpoint database allows mixing structured data with text and supports ACID-compliant transactions.

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Clusterpoint document-oriented database deals effectively with the following use-cases:

  • Operational data management. Supporting ACID-compliant transactions guarantees consistency and concurrent access to data.
  • Full text search. Automatic indexing of all text fields provides flexible and efficient full text search.
  • Structured data and analytics. Automatic indexing of all numeric fields allow aggregations to be computed over entire result set in real time.

Thus Clusterpoint database can be used as single database powering feature-rich applications, avoiding replicating data in several speciality databases and dealing with integration.

Please refer to tutorial to learn how to start using it.

Instant Scaling

Clusterpoint Cloud distributes your data among many servers, thus providing on-demand scaling and low-latency.

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With our new Clusterpoint Cloud you get on-demand computational resources at millisecond granularity.

How so? Because Clusterpoint Cloud distributes your database amongst very many servers in our cluster. This gives every user access to whatever computational resources you need. So not only does it scale on demand instantly, but is also runs much faster, due to massive parallelism.

Imagine a computationally intense request that takes 30 s to complete on a single server. If the request gets processed by Clusterpoint Cloud, it can be distributed amongst over hundred servers and processed in less than a second.

Cost Effective

No provisioning required. You pay for what has been actually used. Up to 10GB storage - entirely free.

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We believe that Cloud Resources should be unlimited. Whatever spikes or sudden increases of performance demanded - the system allocates the right amount of our CPU Cores, Storage Space, and RAM that you need. We give you as much Cloud Resource as you want to run your database efficiently. You only pay for the resources you actually use.

And so that your monthly bill never goes above your comfort level, here now is our Step By Step schedule of what we will charge you, and how you can limit your bill, by setting the maximum amount of Euros that you want to spend on Cloud usage.

Our Cloud pricing works like this:

To being with your first month is entirely FREE. You can see at a glance, how much a typical month of your normal use, would have cost you. After that your account can use a free starter package including 10GB Disk storage, 500MB RAM and 0.1 CPU Core averaged over month. You start paying only for resources that exceed these limits.

There are 4 billable criteria, based on:

CPU Core Time – 0,07 Eur / hour
Storage Space – 0,3 Eur / GB / month
RAM – 12,5 Eur / GB /
Outbound traffic – 0,004 Eur / GB / month


CPU Core Time:

Calculation is based on actual CPU Core usage per hour:
For example, if it requires to run 3 CPU Cores simultaneously for 1 minute to complete your task, then CPU Core
time is calculated as follows:
3Cores x 1minute = 3 CPU Core minutes.

If the execution of your task requires 4 Cores to run for 0,5 minutes then CPU Core time is calculated as follows: 4Cores x 0,5min = 2 CPU Core minutes.

Your task may require to run 30 Cores simultaneously for 10 seconds and calculation is following: 30CPUs x 10sec = 300CPU Core seconds or 5 CPU Core minutes.

All such CPU Core time usage for each individual task execution during the month are summed together for monthly billing.

Storage Space:

Calculation is based on monthly average of all daily highest values.
For example, if your data in one given month (30 days) during 27 days consumes 3GB of storage, but for some reason during other 3 days it consumes 5GB, the calculation is the following: (27days x 3GB + 3days x 5GB) / 30days = 3,2 GB


Calculation is based on monthly average of all daily highest values.
The highest value of each day's RAM usage is taken to calculate the monthly average.

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