Try Clusterpoint 4.0
with new JavaScript/SQL query language!

Clusterpoint 4.0 has built-in computing engine that allows execution of JavaScript code right inside the database.

Read Clusterpoint 4.0 Release Blog Post More about New JS/SQL query language

Clusterpoint accelerates your business

Avoid integration overheads

Avoid integration

Clusterpoint has full-text search built into operational database. The moment you commit your transaction, text data is immediately searchable.

Real time analytics at scale

Real time
analytics at scale

No matter how big your data is Clusterpoint DBaaS distributes it among many servers and aggregates over large datasets with low latency.

Accomodate sudden traffic spikes

Accommodate sudden
traffic spikes

With Clusterpoint’s instant scalability and pay-per-use cost model you will never again have to worry about under-provisioning and performance penalties

Sign up for free with up to 10GB — it's on us Start using Clusterpoint

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is the best solution

Sign up for free with up to 10GB — it's on us Start using Clusterpoint


Comparing to other
Database-as-a-Service providers

We believe the experience of using Clusterpoint database should be like taking a ride in a spaceship compared to a car, which has speed and capacity limitations. Similarly we want our users to never experience limitation from the hardware that the database is running on.

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