Powerful – simple – easily integrated – rapidly deployed – cost effective

The power of one platform that enables cost-efficient Big data processing in distributed database architecture, instantly relevant natural language use in online services, and real-time SQL-like analytics.

Run Clusterpoint on your own hardware
Company purpose

Connecting human and digital worlds with machine-intelligence based on easily trainable ranking index technology.


Language-rich mission-critical (24/7) XML data management solutions in need of high-performance intelligent SEARCH.
Industry-specific customer online solutions using our PLATFORM:

  • Recommendation Engines
  • Media and information services
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Public E-services
  • Online Visualization of Big Data
  • Predictive Transactional Analytics
  • Real-time Big Data Management
  • Cybersecurity Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence services
  • Financial & Billing Systems
  • Document Management
  • Healthcare
  • Business Directories
  • Call Centers
  • Regulatory Compliance

Powerful, yet simple to use

Work with data at scale and extract useful information instantly

Why Clusterpoint is the new standard in the high performance document-oriented database computing?

The Clusterpoint Database Management System is a unique enterprise database, search and analytics platform that offers the world-leading distributed transaction processing framework that sets new benchmarks in large-scale database computing performance on document-type language-rich XML and JSON data.


Fast database search queries with low sub-second latency combining structured and unstructured data content in XML and JSON data.

Ease of use.

Work and write queries in simple natural language terms, with few words or phrases, and instantly enjoy relevant high quality results.


Clusterpoint stores data in raw XML or JSON format, as a distributed databases modeled by the Word Wide Web itself.


Clusterpoint has a distributed XML database architecture and scales out among many servers to provide on-demand scaling and low latency for the most demanding corporate workloads.

ACID compliance.

Our algorithm handles transactional integrity- atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability- in a distributed environment at high-performance.

Integrates readily.

Interconnects with your existing IT infrastructure through open industry standards: XML, JSON and REST API.


Includes a range of measures to protect and secure your data.

Cost effective.

Uses commodity hardware or any cloud infrastructure, avoiding huge upfront investment in hardware and upfront provisioning

Rapid deployment.

With our unique policy based trainable ranking index developers can save a lot of their time usually spent on programming complex SQL search queries with multiple Join, Group By and Order By clauses. Instead, the trained for accuracy ranking index based on the custom network of relative weights does the same data sorting, grouping and positioning job without complex programming in code.

Build great things with easeusing Clusterpoint

Avoid integration overheads

Real time analytics at scale

Accommodate sudden traffic spikes

Save up to 80% on TCO

Companies using Clusterpoint