10GB free space for your data
Run Clusterpoint on your own hardware

Powerful, yet simple to use

Work with data at scale and extract useful information instantly

Stores data in raw format

Simple use

Executes JavaScript code and performs arbitrary transformations
Discovers data types & constructs efficient indices: full-text search, geo-spacial, time-series. Takes care of consistency and replication


Dispatches code to computing nodes resulting in high parallelism. Instead of raw objects seamlessly accresses indices.

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Instantly Scalable
Document Oriented Database

Clusterpoint Cloud distributes your data among many servers, thus providing on-demand scaling and low-latency.

Computing Engine
with JS/SQL

Faster computationally intense queries without huge investment in hardware and upfront provisioning. Up to 10GB free storage.


Atomicity, consistency, isolation & durability. Our algorithm handles transactional integrity in distributed environment.
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Build great things with easeusing Clusterpoint

Avoid integration overheads

Real time analytics at scale

Accommodate sudden traffic spikes

Save up to 80% on TCO

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