Clusterpoint is a global software company focused on delivering exceptional, new generation database and related cybersecurity solutions to enterprise and government customers around the world.

Our headquarters are in London with our research and development laboratories based In Latvia.

We deliver the best of both worlds of database computing- relational and NoSQL technologies within a world-leading distribution transaction processing framework that is uniquely powerful and flexible.

This delivers our customers new standards of reliability, user-friendliness, cost effectiveness and security with the vital features of instant scalability, high availability backup and recovery security and transactional consistency.

Our customers benefit from cost effective, world-leading solutions in large-scale, high performance data management and cybersecurity that enable them to turn vast, unstructured data volumes into real insight and competitive advantage, at the speed of thought.

Key differentiators

Clusterpoint DBMS is a unique enterprise database platform that delivers the best of both worlds – relational and NoSQL technologies within a forward-looking distribution transaction processing framework that sets it above all other databases. This provides our customers with the most reliable, cost efficient and secure database on the market with the vital features of high availability, backup and recovery, security and transactional consistency.

The Clusterpoint advantage results from the following combination of benefits:

  • Non relational: accommodates wide array of structured and unstructured data sources
  • Cloud-based: originally engineered for the cloud
  • Push down parallel processing: blisteringly fast processing speeds
  • Scalable: on-demand scaling with low latency
  • Micropricing: only charges for resources used on a millisecond basis, increasing accessibility
  • Fully ACID compliant: real-time data processing regardless of data volumes
  • Built in new generation JavaScript querying = increases accessibility to more users within the enterprise


Clusterpoint’s unique technology and proven capabilities can be deployed in a wide-range of solutions

  • Digital Media Management
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Web Applications
  • Log & Event Data Processing
  • Interactive & Responsive Web Portals
  • Data Warehouse and Cyber Security

Key Products/Services

Clusterpoint Services – Consultancy, Managed Services & Technical Support

Industry sectors

Amongst the industry sectors that have already deployed Clusterpoint products and services are Telecommunications, Financial Services, Automotive, Government, Aviation and Media & Entertainment.

We also provide product and services designed to meet the needs of organisations in the Retail, Energy & Utilities and Healthcare sectors.

Management Team


Gints Ernestsons

Founder & Interim CEO

Gints founded Clusterpoint in 2006. With 25 years of experience in data management solutions he has managed implementation of more than 50 major IT projects in the private and public sectors.

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Andre V. Demarest

Acting Managing Director

Since the end of January 2017, Andre has been retained as the acting Managing Director of Clusterpoint Group.

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Jurgis Orups

CTO & Co-founder

Jurgis co-founded Clusterpoint in 2006. Prior to that he spent 6 years managing a team that was building a large-scale internet crawling and search technology.

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Mark Tracey

Vice President, Sales (North America)

Mark joined Clusterpoint in September 2016 and is responsible for leading the company’s customer focus and effort in the North American market.

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Our offices

United Kingdom Office

23 King Street
London, SW1Y 6QY
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7129 1256

Riga Development Center

Ieriku Street 5
Riga, LV-1084
Latvia, European Union
+371 6693 8800

Datacenter Locations

London (UK), Chicago(USA) and Riga(Latvia, Europe)

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