Cloud Account Setup

Cloud Sign Up

First of all you need to sign up at Note, that e-mail address you use for registration should be valid, because you will receive verification link.

Cloud sign up will redirect you to the nearest "server" region you are located at the registration moment, but it can be overridden in the drop-down menu:

After Cloud account is signed up and verified, you can start with Database creation.

Create Database and Collection

To create you first database use "+ Create database" button in the main menu. When you create database, you need to define collection too. You can add collections to existing database.

For example, we created database “world_population_2” (version v4.0) and collection with the same name:

In the "Built-in Data Import Tools" section you will see how data from CSV file can be loaded into this collection.

In "Advanced" section you can change the number of Shards and Replicas for the Catabase to be create. The default setting should be fine to get started with and does not have to be changed. To create hyper-replicated collection, select "Enable hyper replication for this collection" option under "Advanced" section.