Built-in Data Import Tools

Clusterpoint Cloud Database comes with built-in import tool that is integrated in management console.

It is possible to upload files in the following formats: .csv, .xml, .json. You can import data into existing collection or create new when you configure file import. Please, refer to Cloud Tutorial to learn how to create collection, if you don't have one yet.

Build-In-Import tool is located under "Import" section on the management console menu bar. Press “Add files” button and pick the file from a local file system to import.

As example we uploaded CSV file "world_population.csv".

Once the files are uploaded, you can import them into collection if the data format is correct.

To start importing data into the collection, press Start import. In the Import configuration page it is necessary to specify document root tag (if you upload XML file) and ID tag (if presented). You can clear collection before import, if there are unnecessary documents, or you can supplement existing documents with the data from import file.

We imported previously uploaded file "world_population.csv" to collection "world_population_2":

After import is done, you can view Import Log (in "Import data" section), that shows the status of import.

Once you are done - you can go back to databases view and check the new collection - number of shards, replicas, and number of documents added.

Note: there is a limitation for max size file Upload. Most frequently requirement for big file upload is actual for on-premises database installation. Here are instructions how to upload large file for on-premises version.