API Authentication

Clusterpoint supports several authentication schemes for different purposes.

REST basic authentication

Since REST is based on message exchange over HTTP protocol, you can use basic www authentication (as described in RFC 1945).

Most browsers support basic www authentication. This allows you to put REST URL, like:
(Note: Replace 'api-eu' with 'api-us', if you are connecting to US cloud!)


In the address bar or the browser replace ACCOUNT_ID with your Clusterpoint account ID, and DATABASE_NAME with your database name, and browser will prompt for user name and password. Use user name and password of a user that has access rights to your database.

You can use basic authentication programmatically by setting HTTP Authorization header, see connection section in the reference for example.

Native API authentication

In all native API upon creating connection, you will have to provide username and password. In case of using cloud, also Clusterpoint cloud account id. For more information on how to establish connection in native APIs see connection section in the reference.