Clusterpoint supports user level authorization scheme. Within your cloud account or on-premises installation you will be able to create users with differentiated access rights for different databases and collections.

Users section in main menu lets you manage your profile and create your account sub-users. Users can be granted different permissions for various operations on the specific account databases. You can manage these settings by clicking on the Edit button next to the user account.

For example, we created user “” (button Create user). E-mail address must be valid, because verification code is send to specified e-mail.

We can manage:

  1. Admin permissions:
      - Account Manager - main Cloud account contact person; can access to Billing section; receives Cloud notifications and bill information;
      - GUI user - have access to Cloud UI; if user does not have this permission, then user can connect to Cloud and execute commands only through API;
      - Can edit users - can add/delete users, manage permissions;
      - Can edit databases - can create/delete new databases;
  2. Database permissions - read/write permissions to certain databases and collections
  3. Allowed IP's - IP's that have access to Cloud (if allowed IP's are set, then it is possible to connect to Cloud only from this certain IP's). This feature is available only for API users and not yet for GUI users.
  4.  HMAC keys (at the moment HMAC keys are available only for version 3.0)
  5. Passwords and user details