Backup and Restore

Clusterpoint provides possibility to Backup and Restore separate Collections using Cloud Web UI.  At the moment Backup and Restore is available only in Cloud version. There are two backup types:

  • Full backup - complete data copy on the backup creation moment;
  • Incremental backup - data copy of documents that are changed or are new since the last specified backup.

Backup operations are available under Backup tab on the left side of the Collections view:

Please, note:

  • backups are stored in your Cloud account, and do count towards your monthly computing resource usage (storage space);
  • backup creates copy only of stored documents, Data Model copy is not created;
  • when you restore data from backup, you do not need to clear Collection, Restore operation will do it automatically;
  • when you restore incremental backup, then Restore process will go through full backup (assigned to incremental backup copy) and further through each incremental backup (if such are created as a chain);
  • for larger backups or restores you can monitor their progress in the Status tab of the same Collection.