Clusterpoint PHP API Documentation

Clusterpoint is a NoSQL document database known for its innovative Cloud-based distributed architecture, fast processing speed, and a flexible "pay as you use" pricing model. The database also features a developer-friendly API suitable for many popular modern programming languages, including PHP -- the specific API which is the focus of this document. Its full support for ACID-compliant transactions is a rarity among NoSQL databases, making the product useful for situations where data integrity is a must.

The recently introduced fourth edition of Clusterpoint added a unique JavaScript/SQL query language with computational capabilities,, allowing you to create powerful queries to store, retrieve, and transform data. The PHP API is flexible enough to allow you to use either interface methods or raw JS/SQL queries to accomplish your database tasks. The decision to use either approach ultimately depends on programmer preference and the individual development scenario.

In addition to the standard CRUD functionality found in nearly all databases, the API also includes support for transactions, as well as the selection, sorting and grouping of data using raw fields or arbitrary complex JavaScript expressions. There is also a collection of helper methods suitable for a variety of utility tasks, including error handling, benchmarking, and more. Convertor methods allow the transformation of retrieved data into JSON or PHP array formats.

Simple code examples are included to illustrate the basic functionality of the API. The document assumes you have at least some measure of PHP experience, and a decent level of SQL knowledge is also a plus. Let's get started by connecting to an instance of the Clusterpoint database.