Ultimate Cyber-Security Solution for Enterprises

Stores 100% Network Traffic for Strong Compliance

The NTSS system works as a "flight recorder's black box" for storing all network traffic that goes in or out of the computer network of interest.

It comes with an easy to use Google-like search and analytics software enabling to retrieve any suspicious traffic by any content or parameters within the IP packets it has captured. Investigators can rapidly address key questions posed by security incidents when they are most needed:

  • 1Who made hacking attempts and when; were those successful?
  • 2How malware got on the corporate network; what it actually did?
  • 3What unauthorized instructions where attempted (replay option)
  • 4Who posted a web comment with known keywords X months ago?
  • 5Who sent or received emails with content indicating fraud?
  • 6Who breached the corporate IT policy using wrong content?
  • 7Was real damage done by leaking specific customer information?
  • 8What previously unforeseen threats left their "full trail" for analysis?

Clusterpoint NTSS is used as an Internet data traffic recording and archiving system, which captures all IP packets from an Ethernet network, re-engineers relevant traffic back to the application level content (Web pages, e-mails, downloaded and uploaded files etc.) and stores it into the Clusterpoint scalable and searchable database for archiving, risk analytics, forensics, audit and compliance needs.

Designed to meet the increasing needs of Corporate Governance, Electronic Records Management and Regulatory Compliance associated with communications transacted to/from the legal entity of the organization, NTSS monitors, indexes and stores all content and communications that are transacted across the network.

Typically positioned at the Internet boundary (on the monitoring-port of a switch or network tap) NTSS enables immediate visibility of e-mails and attachments sent/received, web-mail, web-pages viewed, web postings, instant messaging chat conversations, files transferred in an intuitive & easy-to use web GUI.


  • Full instant reconstruction of user activity
  • Simple and easy to use web GUI
  • Instantaneous search of all captured content
  • Scalable capture of data & retention periods
  • Real-time alerting
  • Secure and audited role-based user access
  • Extensive management reports
  • Advanced linguistic search
  • Traffic filtration
  • Open standards architecture & easy to deploy

Key Benefits

  • Control over the Unpredictable

    Clusterpoint NTSS collects all traffic data regardless of predefined assumptions, and therefore helps to pinpoint and discover unforeseen security threats.
  • Control Acceptable Use Policy

    Easily identify Acceptable Use Policy violations, either by directly locating the incidents, or setting up automated Alerts. Such e-discoveries directly help to improve online security policies.
  • “Insider” Trading and
    Information Theft

    Setup alerts to warn IT security when documents containing specific keyword(s) or metadata are sent out to a known or any destination on the Internet.
  • Discover long-standing
    data security threats

    Some security breaches are not obvious in real-time, short-term monitoring. Having access to transaction data over several months can help to profile suspicious behavior and anticipate long-term planned attacks.
  • A complete, reliable and searchable backup
    of all e-mail traffic from the company, including web-mails.

    Clusterpoint NTSS stores and makes fully searchable all communications in and out of your organization. For example, search in: e-mail contents or metadata;
    attached documents;
    webmails, chats, other messaging.

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