Database as a Service

To begin with, your first 30 days are entirely FREE. You can see at a glance, how much a typical month of your normal use, would have cost you. After that your account can use a free starter package including 10GB Disk storage, 500MB RAM, 10GB Outbound traffic from the Cloud. You start paying only for resources that exceed free limits.

There are 3 billable criteria:

Storage Space — 0,3 EUR / GB / month RAM — 12,5 EUR / GB / month Outbound traffic from Cloud — 0,004 EUR / GB / month




Estimation: Free

On-premises Version

We provide two on-premises licensing options for out customers:

Clusterpoint Enterprise

The most comprehensive DBMS product solution, delivering unlimited scalability and the highest standards of enterprise grade functionality, fulfilling the most demanding of customer requirements.

Clusterpoint Lite

The Clusterpoint DBMS solution for smaller organisations who require high standards in basic database functionality, supported by replication on 2 servers, but for whom scalability and sharding is not an immediate operational requirement.

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Application Hosting

Host your app where your database is – on Clusterpoint Cloud!

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