ACID-compliant Transactions

ACID is a set of properties that guarantee reliable processing of data through use of transactions. A transaction is a unit of work performed within a database that consists of a sequence of operations, which is treated in a coherent and reliable way independent of other transactions. For many use cases and applications it is important that several operations can be grouped in such a unit so that it’s executed together.

Transactions in a database environmenthave two main purposes:

Provide Accurate &
Reliable Transactions

To provide accurate and reliable transactions that allow correct recovery from failures and keep the database consistent even in cases of system failure, when execution stops (completely or partially) and some operations upon a database remain uncompleted.

Provide Isolation
Between Programs

To provide isolation between programs accessing a database concurrently. If this isolation is not provided, the program's outcome is possibly erroneous.

Industry examples

Inventory Management

Nowadays e-commerce manages huge amount of orders. Unless database guarantees consistent updates of the inventory, the same item can be sold to many customers, which result in costly manual intervention by support staff. Transactions allow to manage inventory consistently right in the database.

Bank Account Transfer

A simple bank account money transfer involves changing two values. We want both changes to be seen at the same time, so that transferred money is either on first or second account, but never lost or present on both. Transactions allow this by guaranteeing consistency of multi-document updates.

ACID semantics allow consistentupdates of the data

Several read and write operations can be enclosed within the transaction. For those operations Clusterpoint database ensures: atomicity — all updates are applied together and seen by other reads after successful commit of transaction consistency — all reads see results of the operation either in entirety or not at all isolation — transactions do not conflict between each other durability — after successful commit, operations are persistent in the database.

Our algorithm handles transactional integrityin distributed environment

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