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An important question for business is total cost of ownership of computing infrastructure. Nowadays with growing amount of database is quickly becoming a dominant resource user in overall computing infrastructure. Here we compare conventional approach of provisioning hardware with flexible pay-per-use cost model employed by our DBaaS.

Our system offers flexible pay-per-use model, where computational resources are available instantly when necessary, but users have to pay only for what has been used. In such a setting a total cost of ownership question boils down to what computation is necessary and excludes the hard to predict provisioning, benchmarking and hardware sizing questions..

Clusterpoint’s pay-per-use-model

Area under curve represents cost and accommodates short term peaks excluding the need for provisioning

Conventional Cost Modelis not flexible enough

Suppose you need a data management system in your computing infrastructure. Approaching this with conventional technology usually involves constructing a benchmark for specific software and understanding hardware that needs to be provisioned. Thus hardware acquisition, maintenance and software license and support costs create total cost of ownership of the solution. There are a couple of painful problems with this conventional approach.

First of all, workloads more often than not vary over time. A variation in computation necessary to serve user facing request is usually caused by diurnal cycle. At best such a difference between daily peak and trough is 2x. However there are business cases where variation is extreme.

Second, being under-provisioning can result in serious consequences. If your peak traffic exceeds provisioned hardware capacity, it usually comes with serious performance penalties or system unavailability.

In both cases planners are facing a very hard problem of either over-provisioning and paying more or running into risk of under-provisioning

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