Instantly Scalable
Document Oriented Database

Clusterpoint is designed for era of Cloud computing, when your hardware platform is massive cluster of commodity hardware.

Our database is organised data in self-contained documents, which allows to parallelise work and run much faster.

In turn it interprets each document as collection of hierarchically organised typed fields and can construct indices that make it possible to retrieve subsets and aggregate over them effectively and much faster. There are several ways how you can effectively select document subset from Clusterpoint database.

Unlike other document oriented database that have proprietary query languages, Clusterpoint uses JavaScript to retrieve documents. This really makes Clusterpoint a computing engine that can not only store, but process data and run arbitrary computation.

Clusterpoint database is available on-premises or run on Cloud. Using our Cloud you can scale instantly and get computational resources at millisecond granularity on-demand. How so? Because Clusterpoint Cloud distributes your database amongst very many servers in our cluster. This gives every user access to whatever computational resources you need.

Why does it matter? Speed. Not only does it scale on demand instantly eliminating the need to provision resources upfront, but also runs much faster, due to massive parallelism.

Clusterpoint can help computationally intense queries to complete 100x faster due to massive parallelism, without huge investment in hardware and upfront provisioning.

Imagine computationally intense requestneeds to be completed

On a single server due to limited resources and inability to scale or parallelise it will take 30 seconds
With Clusterpoint Cloud it can be distributed amongst over 100 servers and processed in less than 1 second

Note that the same aggregate amount of CPU-time is consumed,but with Clusterpoint Cloud it takes 100 times less clock time to get result.

Our users experience accelerations withoutnecessity to provision hardware

Clusterpoint system offers flexible pay-per-use model, where computational resources are available instantly when necessary, but users have to pay only for what has been used. In such a setting a total cost of ownership question boils down to what computation is necessary and excludes the hard to predict provisioning, benchmarking and hardware sizing questions.
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