Computing Engine
with JS/SQL

Clusterpoint is based on idea that instead of using proprietary query language, database should be a generic computing engine. We allow arbitrary computation to be done in JavaScript. To facilitate parallelism and give code a structure, we embed it in SQL based statements. JS/SQL statements look like SQL with embedded JavaScript.

In addition, we provide efficient document model. Our users can store data in JSON or XML format and at query time JavaScript can access field of a stored documents like they were variables in local scope.

Thus we anticipate storing data in raw format be it objects exactly as you operate in your application or internet service or sensor readings from hardware for your IoT application. Later this data can be easily manipulated with JavaScript code.

Quick example

Insert your JSON document:
INSERT INTO cities JSON VALUE { "name": "london", "population": 15000000, "country": "UK" }
You can update your document executing simple JavaScript
UPDATE cities SET population = population * 2 WHERE name == "london"
Query documents
SELECT * FROM cities WHERE country == "UK" && population > 1000000
You can run aggregations just like in SQL:
SELECT country, SUM (population) FROM cities GROUP BY country

Note that SUM is not a special function defined in Clusterpoint language. It is just a JavaScript function. We provide ANSI-SQL standard aggregation functions for convenience.

JS/SQL in not ANSI-SQL compliant dialect or extension, rather it is SQL like structure to execute arbitrary JavaScript right in the backend.

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