With Clusterpoint the same software stack with ACID-compliant operational database and JS execution engine is available in two deployment options. Since the same software is run everywhere and data format is the same you can freely choose and move between at any time.

Deployment options

Clusterpoint Cloud

Multi-tenant system run by Clusterpoint. The most efficient option for small customers, because you enjoy wide parallelism for your requests without need to fund massive cluster.


Basic and production
support available

Pay-per-use based on
resource usage

On Premises Deployment

For large organisations. Clusterpoint software run on-premises. With all the additional account, resource management, security and monitoring enterprise software package from the Clusterpoint’s Cloud.


Comes with production technical support, installation and setup services and consulting

License and support per server
Free download of evaluation and development purposes

Take a look inside

Scalable computational cloud database.Top speed NoSQL engine with JS/SQL processing