Where and how I can create and manage my databases?

All Clusterpoint Cloud DB databases are created from Cloud DB Management Web Console at https://cloud.clusterpoint.com. Once they are created data within them can be manipulated either from Web Console or through API.

Can I use PHPMyAdmin to manage my Clusterpoint Cloud DB databases?

No. PHPMyAdmin is a popular tool to manage MySQL databases, but within Clusterpoint Cloud we are running a No-SQL Clusterpoint Cloud DB. In Clusterpoint Cloud DB all databases are managed from the Web Console.

How to create tables in my database?

Tables within a database is a popular concept for several (often relational) database types. In Clusterpoint v4 Cloud DB we use following data storage hierarchy: Database > Collection > Document. Database consists of Collections and visually represents related collections.
Documents (collection records) are stored directly within the collection. If you want to create another ‘table’ – just create another collection under a database.

Is it possible to create additional user under one Cloud account or link accounts?

Yes – you can create several users under your account with separate (read/write) access rights to each of your databases and other aspects of your account. To get started with this – click on the Users link on top of your Cloud DB Management Web Console.
Note: Some types of users will have to be verified (through e-mail) just like your Cloud account was.

Are database version 3 and 4 APIs mutually compatible?

No. Database version 4 introduces new API language, that combines 2 of the most popular IT concepts: SQL and JavaScript. As a result – it’s incompatible with XML based API language that was used in older Clusterpoint DB versions 2 and 3.
You can compare version 3 and version 4 APIs in our API Documentation at: https://www.clusterpoint.com/docs/api/4/rest

Can I import my MySQL database into Clusterpoint Cloud DB?

Yes – you should export each MySQL database table as an XML or .CSV document, and then import them through Cloud DB Management Web Console at https://cloud.clusterpoint.com

When do I need to Reindex my database?

In general – the only scenario when you need to reindex your database is, then you have changed your database Data Model. For more info check https://www.clusterpoint.com/docs/4.0/378/database-data-model

Do you have geospatial search functionality?

Clusterpoint can handle various data and has special features for working with geospatial information. More information on this here: https://www.clusterpoint.com/docs/4.0/1/where#toc-geospatial-search