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Downloads & installation
Current version
  • Clusterpoint Cloud (version 3.0) is available as DBaaS at
  • On-premises software packages (version 2.3) are available once you create Clusterpoint account HERE. This will enable access to Clusterpoint Cloud service as well.
Feb 1 2015
  • Clusterpoint releases 3.0 version - Clusterpoint Cloud (DBaaS)
Nov 03 2014
  • Clusterpoint releases 2.3.0 version.
May 15 2014
  • Clusterpoint releases 2.2.17 version.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

All developer's productivity features, including Fast free text search and Essential SQL analytics, are combined into one DBMS platform software with one REST API.

Use the links above and on the left sidebar to find more information about Clusterpoint database features, deployment options, architecture, and API for various languages.

Database Accelerating Cloud Computing and Developer's Productivity

Clusterpoint is a document-oriented database server platform for storage and processing of XML and JSON data in a distributed fashion on large clusters of commodity hardware. Database high-availability architecture blends secure OLTP transactions, fast full-text search and real-time big data analytics in the same code.

Fast ACID-compliant Transactions in Distributed Document Database

Apply transactions in your distributed document database model in the same way as in SQL. Perform secure updates, search and reporting at high velocity and without database consistency issues plaguing NoSQL world. Technology has been invented and implemented by our engineering team led by ex-Googlers.

Free On-Premises Software License and Free Cloud Database Account

Clusterpoint software operates 24x7 web and mobile database services for our enterprise customers since 2006. From database version 3.0 we introduced a free licensing policy. You can now download and install software for on-premises free use. You also get free 10 GB cloud database storage.